“Cooking lessons” from Kevin of The Office

More insight (??) about food from NBC‘s The Office. This time, a cooking lesson from Kevin Malone.

Learn how to make pseudo quesadillas and creme brulee using food from the vending machine.

If you dare.

See also Funny Food Moments on The Office.

Funny food moments on The Office

NBC‘s The Office is my favourite sit com! Yes, some of the characters are completely over the top and the type of humour won’t appeal to everyone, but I enjoy it and look forward to Thursday nights, even now during re-run season.

I recently came across this list of 10 food moments from The Office on Chow. There aren’t video clips for each one, but die-hard fans of The Office will get a chuckle remembering these priceless food “moments” even without all the images.

These comments from Chow readers will also help you relive a few other funny foodie moments including:

* The dinner party at Jan and Michael’s

*The potato salad Michael brings to a party at his boss’ house after it has sat in his car all day (ick!)

* The Finer Things Club – a club formed for the enjoyment of art, books and culture (and the appropriate food as you can see from this clip where Jim tries to convince the group he’s read Angela’s Ashes, the book being discussed by club members Toby, Oscar and Pam.

And since we’re talking food and The Office, here’s a clip of cast members Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Angela Martin (Angela) discussing cooking and sharing a couple easy recipes.