Hope and Help for Haiti

Giving money to help the people of Haiti will buy food, tents, medical supplies and other essentials, but if you want to do more than just write a cheque, or you want to donate in a different way, consider this opportunity.

The Mennonite Central Committee is looking to collect 20,000 relief kits. The kits are to include a collection of specific items including personal hygiene supplies, laundry soap, towels and bandages. The list of contents for the kits can be found at mcc.org/kits/relief.

Pack the relief kits in a box or bag and deliver by Feb. 28 to any of the drop-off locations in Canada or the United States listed at mcc.org/kits/dropofflocations. MCC will repackage the kits in new five-gallon buckets.

MCC is also collecting comforters and sheets. They can be dropped off at the same locations as the relief kits. The specific requirements for the comforters and sheets can be found at mcc.org/kits/blankets.