Gravy wrestling might be someone’s idea of a good time. Just not mine!

Driving home from work tonight with the radio tuned to CBC’s As It Happens show, I heard an interview with Joel Hicks, British athlete and 2009 gravy wrestling champ. Yes, you read that correctly. The man holds the world championship title in gravy wrestling!

I know there are lots of whacky food competitions out there: hot dog, chicken wing and pie eating contests, cheese rolling, pudding throwing, even jello wrestling. But wrestling in gravy (leftover gravy at that!) was a new concept for me. With the image of bodies flopping about in a pool of thickened meat drippings now in the back of my mind, it may be hard to look at the little lake of gravy I like to create on the top of a mountain of mashed potatoes the same way ever again.

You can read more about Joel Hicks, gravy wrestler, or if you’re really curious to see how its done – in case a food fight breaks out after a family Thanksgiving dinner some day – you can watch Joel Hicks gravy wrestling on YouTube.