Foodscapes – for staring at, not snacking on!

Food is not meant just for our dining pleasure or the nourishment of our bodies.

It’s also an artist’s tool, as evidenced by the “creations” on British photographer Carl Warner’s website. Using foods like fruit, vegetables, herbs, pasta, cheeses, breads, and dried peas and beans, Warner creates and then photographs inventive landscape scenes. His work amazes me!

Heads of cauliflower are used as clouds, mushrooms turn into stones, loaves of bread stand in for mountains, broccoli become trees, stacked pine nuts make fences, blocks of cheese are used as buildings…and so on. I’ll bet you’ll be astonished and impressed too!

I could stare at each image for a long time, awed by the creative way he has re-imagined foods to create landscapes. He calls the scenes ‘foodscapes’. Apparently, he creates and photographs the images in stages so the foods don’t wilt or dry out by time the scene is completed.

But enough chatter from me! Have a look and see what you think. Once on Warner’s site, click on the orange box labelled ‘fotographics’. The first set of images that will pop up are the ‘foodscapes’. To view each one in closer detail, click on the image.

Don’t be surprised if after viewing this amazing art, you feel like heading to the fridge – for a snack! Or maybe to work on your own piece of creative foodscaping!