Love brownies?


Love brownies? Looking for brownie recipes and baking tips?

Judging by the number of views of the brownie-related posts on my blog, it seems there are lots of brownie lovers out there!

If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place. Or rather – you’re really close to the right place!

I’ve recently started writing Brownie Lover’s Diary, a blog about brownies. It’s wall to wall brownie info including recipes, baking techniques, tips and bakeware, brownie cookbooks, links to mail-order brownie websites, and more.

chocolate-bar-brownie-pan1I just wrote about this fun pan for baking brownies. It’s made by Nordic Ware and sold at Williams-Sonoma. With it, you can bake brownies in the shape of a chocolate bar with 12 thick rectangular pieces and the word “chocolate” debossed on each piece. You can use it with your favourite brownie recipe or mix.

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