Update: Canine Christmas Dinner a Howling Success

I’ve been asked whether Cocoa enjoyed the canned gourmet turkey dinner and apple crumble dessert I bought him as a Christmas treat. (See post on Dec. 21st.) Simply put, he devoured both courses!

I had to endure much howling and carrying on from him while I prepared his dinner (i.e. opened the cans and scooped the food into his bowl!). He could sense something special was coming. That I made him pose for a picture before he was allowed to dive into his dinner only accelerated his howling!


Since Cocoa usually gets dry dog food, he regards wet food such as this “turkey delight” as a special treat. He didn’t come up for air until the bowl was licked clean!


A Canine Christmas Dinner Menu

Set another place at the table this Christmas. Well, maybe under the table.

You can now invite your canine companion to share turkey dinner with you. He’ll have some pretty tasty fixin’s – a gourmet meal consisting of an entree of extra meaty turkey and cranberry dressing, and apple crumble for dessert. My pooch will be impressed considering he gets the same dry dog food day in and day out.

The meal, a President’s Choice product I recently found in my local Superstore (therefore likely found in all stores within the Loblaws chain), comes in a package that contains two cans of both entree and dessert. It sold for $2.99.



Season’s Eatings from Wendi and Cocoa!