Meet Wendi


Who am I?

I’m Wendi Hiebert. I’m a food specialist, food writer and Professional Home Economist living in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

I love food…..

That includes cooking it, eating it, and reading and writing about it. There are two foods I’m particularly passionate about: chocolate and eggs! Make that three! Ice cream ranks right up there too. It’s hard to go a day without enjoying at least one of those three foods. Usually I average two out of three!

I’ll admit I’m also a pretty big fan of vegetables, as ‘corny’ as that sounds! There are so many different kinds, and so many wonderful ways to enjoy them. And they’re so darn good for you. As are chocolate (lots of antioxidants)…..eggs (check for all the nutritional benefits)…..and ice cream (calcium for my bones and teeth)!

Oh, and I love tea as well. I love the ambiance that surrounds steeping and drinking a great cup of tea. And how relaxing it is to enjoy afternoon tea with a friend or family member, especially when accompanied by a three-tiered stand filled with finger sandwiches, scones and sweets!

From 9 to 5…..

I own my own business, FoodWise Consulting, and work as an independent food consultant creating, testing and editing recipes; writing and editing food articles; teaching cooking classes; doing recipe nutritional analysis; and giving “Sip, Savour and Smile” culinary talks. I also teach dining etiquette classes because I believe you enjoy your meal experience more and feel more confident when you know which fork to use and which dinner roll is yours!

Back in the day…..

Some of my past work experiences include:

  • a 14-year stint writing “Creative Cooking”, a weekly food and recipe column for the Waterloo Region Record newspaper (Kitchener, Ontario)
  • working as the Food and Nutrition Specialist for Egg Farmers of Ontario for 16 years and creating and writing the Everything Eggs blog
  • teaching Grades 7 to 9 Family Studies and Grade 10 Foods classes
  • working as an Extension Home Economist for Manitoba Agriculture
  • nutrition and diet counseling, freelance food writing and consulting, and restaurant reviewing
  • writing monthly food articles for Roomplanners magazine and weekly columns for the Southeast Bulletin (St. Pierre Jolys, Manitoba) and Opasquia Times (The Pas, Manitoba)

What’s my training and experience?

I have…..

  • a Bachelor of Home Economics degree (with a major in Foods and Nutrition) from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • edited thousands of recipes for websites, cookbooks, brochures, magazines, restaurants, and newspaper columns
  • made numerous media appearances (usually doing a cooking demonstration) including CTV Kitchener, CTV Winnipeg, CTV Ottawa, CHCH Hamilton, Rogers Daytime (London, Kitchener, Mississauga, Ottawa), Breakfast Television (Toronto), A-Channel (London and Ottawa), and CTS Burlington
  • participated in the Taste Canada Awards for several years as a cookbook judge
  • taken cooking classes at Le Cordon Bleu in London, England, the International Culinary Centre in New York City, and a host of other cooking schools
  • attended a Tea & Etiquette Masterclass with Bruce Richardson of Elmwood Inn Fine Teas in Kentucky, and earned a Level One certificate from the Specialty Tea Association
  • obtained a Master Chocolatier certificate from Ecole Chocolat
  • completed several courses working toward a Tea Sommelier accreditation from the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada
  • memberships with the International Association of Culinary Professionals, Ontario Home Economics Association, and Waterloo Wellington Home Economics Association

Want to get in touch with me?

Submit your comment below, or email me at

6 thoughts on “Meet Wendi

  1. Greetings from the frozen north-west.
    Wendi, I have been reading some of your blog-just now Wendi’s page.Each day I have little taste of what you have presented. Fun!…
    How nice to become familiar with a friend/ associate of my daughter…
    I complement you on your site. It is very professionally done.
    As yourself, I also love food-eating, reading about it,watching the Food channel and gathering ideas from friends. My big weakness is that I am a recipe junky. I am proud to acknowledge that about myself.God knows what the children will do with my ‘stuff’ at the end…
    Congratulations and delicious eating.
    We may meet one day. Beti Tremblay….

  2. I will be in NOTL next week for 3 days. It will be my first trip and the websites have keep me interested and excited to go. We will be attending high tea at P of W and 3 plays. Your recent column regarding your trip was great and I am so looking forward to this adventure. I live in Central NY state and I can’t believe this will be my first trip there.
    Your website is great and filled with ideas and info. Food and cooking is like a religion in our home. We all LOVE to cook and watch the food network. In addition, we have been fortunate to see many of the FoodTV chefs in person! Thanks for your great site and I am glad I found it. I now have it in my favs!

  3. Thanks for your kind comments, Linda. I’m glad you found my blog and are enjoying what you’re reading.

    I hope you love NOTL as much as I do! I’m hoping to get back there again this summer although I might be running out of days to do so!

    We just returned from a wonderful week in Georgia. I’ll be posting some pictures and sharing some thoughts about the trip soon.

    Your fellow foodie friend,

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