Good Food Festival in Toronto this weekend

If you live in the Toronto area, the place to be this weekend is the Good Food Festival at the International Centre (near the airport). Well, at least that’s where I’ll be. You’re invited too if you want to sample new food products, watch cooking demonstrations, and pick up some good bargains.

This will be my 15th year working at the Egg Farmers of Ontario‘s display. I’d hate to count how many samples of pickled eggs, hash brown omelette or pizza frittata I’ve doled out over the years or how many times I’ve explained that cholesterol in our food has little effect, if any whatsoever, on our blood cholesterol levels.

Today when I got out of my vehicle to unload the boxes of recipes and sampling supplies (we’re serving herbed egg salad this year), the parking attendant who monitors the loading dock area came over and gave me a hug. Sure, we do two or three shows every year at this venue and I usually see her at each event. She’s a real sweetheart! But seriously. Hugs from the parking attendant?! Have I been doing this for too long???

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