Oh my!! So THIS is why so many of us are overweight?

We may have finally discovered why many of us find it so hard to lose weight and why we suffer from serious heart health issues!!

If the food images on the web site below truly reflect what some of us are eating on a regular basis, then I’m guessing it’s what we’re putting into our mouths that’s the problem! DUH!!

I was going to mention some of my favourite images on the site, but they’re all too good….I mean bad….I mean bizarre….I mean REALLY – do people actually eat some of this stuff?

Apparently the creators of the web site now have a book deal and you and your photo of calorie and fat-laden, heart attack-inducing food could be part of it. (A little weight management tip: once you’ve taken the picture of the aforementioned food, try to refrain from eating all of it!)

Check it out…..


2 thoughts on “Oh my!! So THIS is why so many of us are overweight?

  1. I can relate to this article as I know from my own personal experience just how hard it is to lose weight. I wrote a book called “Alone in the Storm” which is about an overweight woman who is unhappy with her life and she struggles to lose weight. After a series of events in her life, she comes to realize some important lessons, including one of the most important lessons of all; in order to be loved in life, you have to first love yourself.

    Carla Cunningham, Leeds

    Published Author of Alone in the Storm (I am on Fbook)


    • Thanks for your comments, Carla. Your book sounds like a good read. So many people struggle with weight issues. The solution is not always just to eat better and be more active. Loving yourself and accepting your uniqueness are certainly at the core of living a well balanced and meaningful life, and will provide motivation to take good care of one’s body. I bet “Alone in the Storm” has helped many people.


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