Food label advises product is a THRIFT purchase

In this economic climate, who doesn’t want to save a little $$$?

A couple weeks ago I bought a box of crackers and one of cookies in a store known for selling discounted merchandise. I don’t remember the price (2 for $?) but I remember thinking at the time it seemed like a good deal for Dare products (a food brand I am quite familiar with).



The sticker at the end of the boxes is obvious in the picture above, but I didn’t notice it until I went to open the box of cookies a few days later.


I don’t know if it’s the law (at least in Canada) that products have to labelled when they might not be up to normal standards, or if this is just something that Dare chose to do, but I thought it prudent on the part of Dare Foods to advise the customer of what they were potentially getting.

Sometimes when the price of a non-food item is reduced because the merchandise is a “second” or “irregular” or it’s being sold “as is”, there is a sign nearby or a sticker on the product advising this. But how often are you warned about foods when the quality may not be what you are paying for?

I suppose baked goods marked “day old”, or obviously dented canned foods, or fruits and vegetables edging past their prime (e.g. bruised bananas) and selling at sale prices would be examples of this.

I like to think I’m a fairly savvy shopper. That may be up for debate as I should have checked the packages for this kind of label considering the store I was in and the price!

All in all – it’s a good lesson learned! While I always check food packages for Best Before dates, I will be more careful with future purchases to give the product a once over for any other important labelling information.

In case you’re wondering – I’ve only opened the box of cookies so far – they look (and taste) perfectly normal.

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