6 year old attempts to drive to school for breakfast and gym class

Did you hear about the 6 year old in Virginia who missed the school bus on Monday morning, so he decided to drive the family car the 16 km (10 miles) to school? It was the first day back to school after the Christmas holidays and the young boy was determined not to miss breakfast at school or gym class. His dad had left for work already and, depending on which report you listen to, his mother was either sleeping or busy with the boy’s sibling.

Miraculously, although he got within a mile or so of the school and then crashed the car, he was not seriously hurt. Thankfully, neither was anyone else.

Apparently, the boy had “learned to drive” by playing video games. Enroute to school, he had to cross over a bridge. He also passed other cars on a two lane road.

This really is an amazing story. And a tad sad. Whether the youngster wanted to get to school because he liked the breakfasts served there or because he was hungry, who knows? If the latter, thank goodness there are schools that have breakfast programs. At least the child knew where to go to get breakfast, and some physical activity (i.e. gym class). Just too bad he missed his bus and felt he had no option but to drive himself!

Speaking of breakfast, if you want some ideas for yourself or your family for delicious, nutritious breakfasts (the most important meal of the day!), check out these web sites:

* www.getcracking.ca

* www.eggs.ca

* www.mrbreakfast.com

* www.mrfood.com – breakfast recipes

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