The perils of in-flight dining

There are many reasons why airline food – when you can even get it – is often less than stellar.

Here’s one!

Overheard on a recent flight from Toronto to Las Vegas just prior to take-off:

Flight attendant #1: I’m not sure how long to heat the pizza. Any idea?

Flight attendant #2: I haven’t a clue.

Flight attendant #1: Think I’ll try 10 minutes on low. How does that sound?

Flight attendant #2: Works for me.

……a few minutes later flight attendant #3 comes back to the kitchen area just behind where I’m seated……

Flight attendant #1: I’m going to heat the pizza for 10 minutes on low.

Flight attendant #3: Oh no! It always takes at least 20 minutes on high.

Flight attendant #1: Really? I wouldn’t think it would take that long.

Flight attendant #3: Well, let’s compromise then – 15 minutes on medium.

I settled in for the 4-1/2 hour flight, thankful I’d picked up a sandwich and a cookie prior to boarding.

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