Do Not Disturb. We’re eating.

Tired of telemarketers calling you in the middle of dinner or dinner preparation to ask if you want new windows, an assessment of your lawn, or the ducts in your house cleaned?

As of September 30, Canadians can choose how they wish to deal with calls from telemarketers.

To add your name to a Do Not Call list in Canada, visit

Certain businesses and organizations are still allowed to make calls to consumers including companies with whom you already have a business relationship, political parties, charities, and companies doing market research.

Once you sign up, telemarketers have 31 days to remove you from their call lists. Registration on the Do Not Call list is in effect for 3 years.

To those who choose to be on the Do Not Call list (and the list is long considering the flood of people who apparently signed up on Day 1) – “May the only ring you hear at dinner time be the dinner bell or the oven timer signalling that dinner is ready to be served….in peace and quiet!”

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