Tea time in Savannah, Georgia

Our recent trip to Georgia, U.S., included a short visit to the charming city of Savannah. One afternoon doesn’t do this southern belle justice, but it was all the time we had. I’d love to go back to Savannah and explore the city more thoroughly some day.

We arrived in Savannah about noon on a Friday in early August. We had booked a 3:30 p.m. reservation for afternoon tea at The Tea Room on East Broughton Street, so to make the most of the short time we would have in the city, the Visitor Information Center was our first stop. (Conveniently, we were able to park our car in the Information Center’s parking lot for a nominal fee while we toured the city for the rest of the afternoon.)

At the Information Center, a friendly attendant outlined a walking trip through the historic downtown that would enable us to see most of the 22 public squares. The Tea Room was on the route. (At the Information Center, you’ll find information on the host of tours available including a Paula Deen tour and a movie tour as well as suggestions for accommodations and dining.)

Savannah’s historic downtown contains beautiful homes and stately mansions, cobblestone streets, park-like public squares, lush foliage and greenery, and Spanish moss and oak trees that arch across the streets to form overhead canopies. There are also fountains, statues, hotels, restaurants, shops and boutiques….and lots of history. These images will give you a visual sense of the city and its rich heritage.

By 3:30 p.m. we had made our way to The Tea Room. Reservations are required by 11 a.m. for full afternoon tea ($25.00 per person) which includes quiche and sorbet along with finger sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, preserves, dainties and tea. Not aware of the 11 a.m. deadline, I had called to make our reservation just before noon. We would have been fine with afternoon tea ($20.00 per person) but the woman who answered the phone at The Tea Room graciously allowed us to book for the full tea.

Murray chose Assam-Mangalam tea which he quite liked. He prefers to drink full-bodied black teas which can stand a good splash of milk and generous dose of sugar. The Assam-Mangalam was exactly this kind of tea. I chose the house blend, Emperors Bride, a blended tea (Assam and Ceylon) with dried pineapple and orange bits. It was also a good choice.

We enjoyed tea at a table for two in the “library”. There is also seating outside the “library” just beyond the retail area where teas, books, and tea accessories are sold. I had been looking for a copy of the latest issue of Tea A Magazine and was pleased to find that the magazine was sold at The Tea Room. I was also tempted to buy some books on tea, but it was nearly closing time, and it was threatening to rain outside so I didn’t linger long. My recommendation, however, is to be sure to save some time for browsing before or after enjoying tea should you visit The Tea Room. You can also shop online.

In addition to various afternoon tea options, The Tea Room’s menu includes salads and quiches. You can view the menu on The Tea Room’s website. For reservations or information, call 912-239-9690. The Tea Room is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

The Tea Room in Savannah, Georgia

The Tea Room in Savannah, Georgia

Full afternoon tea at The Tea Room was delicious and filling.

Full afternoon tea at The Tea Room was delicious and filling.

Dessert plate completes full afternoon tea at The Tea Room

A flower-garnished dessert plate completes full afternoon tea at The Tea Room

A really bad hair day! Just look at what a little rain does to spiked hair!

During the mile walk back to the car after tea, the heavens opened and the rain POURED down. Unfortunately we were caught unprepared and without an umbrella!

We could have ducked into a store to wait it out, but it looked as though it was going to rain for a while, and we needed to get back on the road. It had been a hot afternoon and the rain almost felt refreshing. Of course as soon as we reached the car, the rain stopped!

It was a memorable afternoon in Savannah!

3 thoughts on “Tea time in Savannah, Georgia

  1. What a great post! The Tea Room in Savannah is one of my favorite places! I live in Charleston, SC – about a 2 hour drive from Savannah. Unfortunately, there are no tea rooms per se in Charleston, but hope you can visit our beautiful city someday! Cheers for now, Denise

  2. Thanks for your comment, Denise. If we’d had more time, we would have visited Charleston as well. We spent nearly a week on Jekyll Island, then made a quick trip to Savannah before heading back up to Canada. This was my first visit to the southern U.S. We really enjoyed our visit and would love to return some day to see more!

    Hi Dana! Thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoy reading yours. Chocolate and tea – two favourites of mine!

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