Berry disappointed!

After waiting patiently for Ontario strawberry season to arrive…..enjoying two quarts of berries over the weekend (no, I didn’t eat them all myself!)…..then going back to the grocery store tonight to pick up more, I was very disappointed to find fruit flies buzzing about the baskets of berries and moldy berries in every basket I looked at. I had my heart set on enjoying a slice of angel food cake topped with strawberries and ice cream this evening, but alas, it was not to be.

Too bad, so sad!

The local strawberry season is so short, every day one is not able to enjoy fresh Ontario berries (or something made with them) is so berry disappointing.

I’m no berry specialist, but the moldy condition of the fruit I saw tonight may have been due to the wet weather we’ve experienced in southwestern Ontario for the past while. As much as I love the look of our lush green lawn, gimme strawberries over a perfect yard any day!

I’m sure there are good Ontario berries out there somewhere. Since I’m not one to give up easily when food is involved, I’ll be out foraging for local berries again tomorrow.

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