Spice things up with chocolates from Laura Secord

Laura Secord's new Spice Collection
Laura Secord’s new Spice Collection

Chocolate company Laura Secord has created a boxed Spice Collection designed to appeal to more than one’s sense of taste. The five pairs of chocolates are visually attractive, and will appeal to those with slightly adventurous palates. The flavours are pleasant….certainly not overpowering. A 120 g box is priced at $12.00.

These are the flavour combinations you’ll find in the collection:

* Mediterranean Rosemary & Apple (milk chocolate)
* Mexican Lime & Chili (dark chocolate)
* Persian Cardamom & Cinnamon (white chocolate)
* Chinese Ginger & Lychee (dark chocolate)
* Micronesian Lemon Grass & Coconut (milk chocolate)

My personal favourites are Lime & Chili and Ginger & Lychee.

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