Small Kitchen Gadgets are a Big Help

I received a couple helpful kitchen gadgets for Christmas that I’ve been able to put to good use.


The utensil pot clip is a stainless steel clamp that fits saucepans with edges less than 3/8-inch thick. Attached to the side of a pot, it holds a spoon or spatula at the ready. The silicone-coated hook is heat resistant to 600F (315C). It’s a great way to keep your counter and stove top clean, and the utensil handy when needed. Approx. price – $8.75 (Cdn)


If you’re tired of wondering whether food in your house is past its prime or safe to heat, here’s a gadget that will help you keep track of the number of hours and days a food has been in your refrigerator or opened and in your cupboard. The days agoTM digital counter counts up to 99 days and is reuseable. Its suctioned and/or magnetic base enables it to adhere readily to almost any surface. The one I have is magnetic, but with a small piece of masking tape rolled over onto itself and stuck to the back, the counter will readily adhere to plastic or glass.


The counter can help with more than just safe food storage. Track when you last exercised, or when you need to take pills or give medication to a family member or a pet, replace contac lenses or a filter, change the cat litter, water plants, and on and on. More information and a list of recommended food storage times are available at
Approx price – $8.00 to $10.00 (Cdn)

Both gadgets were purchased from Lee Valley Tools, however they are likely available at kitchen stores as well.

For another helpful list of storage times for various foods, check the How To Store Food Safely brochure available in pdf format on the website of the Food Safety Information Society based in Calgary, Alberta. You can call them with food safety questions at 1-800-892-8333.

There’s more information about the safe handling of food on the website of the Food Safety Network. Their office is in Guelph, Ontario. Their toll-free help line is 1-866-503-7638.

The Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education also has excellent information and resources on its website.

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