Recipe for a new food blog

Welcome fellow food lovers!

Here’s my recipe for a new food blog…..

FoodWise Blogger Pie

(This recipe should be enjoyed frequently by anyone who loves to eat and those who like to talk about what they love to eat.)

1 foodie who fancies herself a writer
2 cups desire to share food news and views and recipes
2 cups passion for (almost) all things edible
2 cups healthy appetite
1 cup curiosity
1 cup culinary knowledge
1 cup cooking expertise
1 cup writing experience
2 tablespoons humour
Pinch of insanity (for starting a blog!)
1 blog
Chocolate (because everything tastes better with chocolate!)

In a small but adequately equipped kitchen, combine foodie with desire, passion, appetite and curiosity. Stir in knowledge, cooking expertise and writing experience until well blended. Season with humour; add insanity to taste. Let marinate until ingredients are well blended. Pour into blog. Bake until edges are golden brown, centre is cooked through and pie is easy to digest.

Serve garnished with a generous dollop of commitment and a drizzle of chocolate.

Pie serves as many as desired. Any leftovers can be stored and served again the next day. Flavour improves upon standing.

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